Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Skater boi

My little brother (who's not so little - he's 20) has a tendency to ask random questions in the middle of a conversation (they usually crack me up and can be a timley antidote to awkward silences).

A few months ago, at lunch around the clan's table (mum, dad, two brothers, Wifey, nephew and JKY) he asked me out of the blue 'Why don't you become a skater?' My reply was: 'Because I'm 33'.

Whilst the thought of me hanging out with kids half my age wearing baggy jeans and causing mayhem in the high street sliding across park benches is laughable, the fact that he thought I had the potential to be a skater cheered me up no end.


  1. Hehe. I remember thinking something similar - I saw some guy on a skateboard and thought 'what a great way to get to work'. And then I realised how stupid an idea that was. (But, get this, have you thought about those spring-heeled cantilever stilt thingies? Now *that* is a real mode of transport!!!) What are they called?

  2. It's Powerbocking, apparently...good old Wikipedia!

  3. Surely you mean sk8r boi? You're such an old man...