Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh no! Not another flippin' blog!

Well, I've finally gone and done it. After months of planning, preparing and chickening out on numerous occasions I have finally set up my personal blog.

I realise that about seventeen billion blogs have been set up since the idea began a few short years ago - most of them abandoned after just a handful of entries - but I have to say I'm not too bothered about how many people read them. My reasons for going 'bloggy' are purely selfish.

If anyone happens across my random mutterings they are more than welcome to join in the fun, have a cup of tea, munch on a jammie dodger or two and tell me how wrong I am...but it won't matter to me if no one reads it. You see, I'm writing this because I'm trying to improve my writing skills, and that can only be done by regular stints at the keyboard.

My self-discipline is appalling sometimes, but I'm hoping that having a blog will spur me on to write more often than I have been of late. Even if it's two or three sentences, I still think it helps.

So what will I write about? Oh, well, just about anything and everything: observations about life, God, jokes, interesting photos, other websites I've come across, random thoughts. Fatal, I know. I'm sure one of the first commandments of blogging is to stick to a subject rather than try and cover everything, but like I said I'm doing this for me, not the internet community at large. Plus, I have two other blogs on the go already (whoa there! I hear you scream, you're taking on too much in one go - slllloooowwww ddddoooowwwwnnnn!) but they are a lot more specific (and require very little writing- hurrah!).

The first one is a blog of all the videos I've produced lately (FarSight TV), and the other (FarSight's Video Vault) is postings of videos I've come across on the 'net which loosely come under the banner of corporate videos, TV ads and PR films. The reason for these blogs existing is that anyone who's anyone in the media (that includes me, now, apparently) has to have a blog. It also helps you with your Google scoring or something...

Well, I think I've justified myself enough for one entry. Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, please feel free to send it to me at the usual.


By the way, read this. It almost convinced me not do it.


  1. I consider jammie dodgers to be bogus - if not completely 'devils poop'. Your claim to like food *may* also be bogus? (But hey, it's only an opinion, right?)
    Sorry to be so negative. On the other hand - another blog is another RSS feed to suck on, which can't be bad!!

  2. Hmm - if you think jammie dodgers are bogus, does that mean you dislike Oreos too?!!?