Friday, January 16, 2009

Men are from Mars...

Over the Christmas period, we visited family in Oxfordshire and on one occasion we visited the local town and popped into one of the oldest antique shops in Britain (apparently).

All year we've been on the lookout for anything bronze that we could get for our 8th (Bronze) wedding anniversary, and by chance Wifey came across two bronze statuettes. Not exactly my cup of tea, but Wifey liked them and at least we had found something before the next anniversary (which is Pottery by the way). As we continued browsing, I noticed another bronze item for only a fiver which was more to my taste and we snapped that up as well.

Here is Wifey's choice of bronze anniversary item...

And this is mine...

I think it says a lot about men's and women's mentality, don't you? She chooses a pair of dainty dancers, I choose a big, pointy, heavy lump of bronze. How manly of me! Rarr! 

Now I just need to work out exactly what the hell it is...


  1. Hey there Justo
    I'm a likin' the blog
    Let me know when you find out what the bronze thing is won't you
    Amo xx

  2. I don't knwo what it is either. But I think I want one too!

  3. Ideas on the back of a postcard pleeese!