Friday, June 30, 2017

Films I've seen of late (June)

#29 Selma (2016)
David Oyelwoyo gives a stunning performance in this biopic about Martin Luther King Jnr. Focusing on the civil rights marches to secure the right to vote for blacks, the acts of brutality by the authorities are barbaric and shocking. Whilst things have clearly moved on since the 60s in terms of racial equality, current events show that sadly more work needs to be done. Hugely thought-provoking.

#30 Sing (2014)
The team behind Despicable Me achieve a winning formula in this anthropomorphic-singing-contest family comedy. Nailing the genre perfectly while employing a fresh twist to the finale, Sing is fun and satisfying.

#31 Ice Age: Collision Course (2015)
Yawn. Yet another example of spinning-out a franchise for as long as possible. The first movie was an interesting kids movie with a novel premise. Everything else has been pretty dire and forgettable.

#32 Half of a Yellow Sun (2013)
The story of a family caught up in the events of the Nigerian Civil War, Half of a Yellow Sun contemplates issues of race, tribalism, colonialism and African politics. The messy consequences of British rule and Nigerian independence are laid bare in this thoughtful drama.

#33 Strangerland
A dark and moody family drama set in a small town out in the Australian outback. Tensions rise up when two children go missing, one of whom is a promiscuous 15-year old girl with a troubled past. Leaves many questions unanswered but has strong and moving performances throughout.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

While I've been away

The last month or so has been crazy busy for me. Alongside my usual stuff I've been working on editing a low-budget feature film and planning a couple of short films.

On the domestic front I've spent a week in France with the family (which I intend to write up about sometime - it was an awesome holiday), looking after ever-growing gigantic insects (more on that soon as well hopefully), shaving off my beard (because it got ridiculously hot) and catching up on the latest TV.

Once I come out of this work fug, normal service will be resumed (probably).

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Today's the day we determine our future

So if you want the NHS privatised, lower wages, fewer police on the streets, foxes routinely killed in some weird aristocratic pageant, increased class sizes in schools, dementia sufferers punished for their illness, even more families in poverty, oppressive mass surveillance, scrapping of human rights laws, tax breaks for the rich, higher taxes for ordinary people and a crippling hard Brexit ... then go ahead, vote Tory.

It's your right after all and I would wholeheartedly defend that right.
If, however, you think we can do better as a nation then maybe vote for someone else.
I dunno ... I may be wrong but I don't want to have to say 'I told you so' in five years.

United Kingdom General Election 2017