Monday, September 21, 2009

Feeling Good

This is ruddy brilliant.

Cracking soundtrack, amazingly shot. I have a great respect for the guy who put this together.

The only thing is ... I can't quite work out who it's aimed at ... or what it's purpose is.

I know it was put together for an Easter service but was it meant to be evangelistic, or merely aimed at believers? Can't quite make my mind up...

Anyway, see for yourself:

"Feeling Good" from Timothy Allen on Vimeo.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Guilty no more

Hurrah for Cadburys for going Fair Trade!

I've only noticed the symbol on Dairy Milk, but hope that eventually all of their lines will contain fairly traded chocolate.

Now I can't help but feel a little bit righteous when eating chocolate from that iconic purple wrapper...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

...or you could love

A Director we're in contact with always puts
".... or you could love." at the bottom of his emails.

I didn't get it, so asked him what it meant.

He explained that it's a line from a Marillion song, 'A few words for the dead' which was mainly inspired by Bosnia but also about how we pass on grudges and hatred from generation to generation. It offers up an alternative ... simply to love one another.

The lyrics go like this:

Can you make it your own
Can you take it by the throat
Make your own luck, learn the skills
Get in early for the kill

It carries on

Pick up the weapon
Marry it, give it your name
Define yourself by it
Take it down 'the disco

Trigger happy, pulling power
Lady killer, take 'em out
See the weirdos on the hill
Come to get you if you stand still

It carries on

Somewhere in history you were wronged
Teach your children to bang the drum
Tell all your family, tell all your friends
Teach your brothers to avenge

It carries on

Or you could love
You could love

Lie down in the flowers
In the blue of the air
Open your eyes
Why use up your life for anything else?
No need to fight for what everyone has
What do you need?
It's already there
It's already there

You could love

So he carried the stars in his pocket
Drank the sunrise till he was drunk
He embraced the angels
They swam like little minnows in his blood
Ghosts in his eyes
Out walking beside him
Laughing like children in his mind
They chanted his mantra together

You could love

They were happy

I was quite challenged by the thought of it, really. The idea that we can choose to get angry, lash out, bear a grudge etc. OR we can just choose to love. I know it's obvious, but how often do we consciously choose to simply love someone when the normal, accepted reaction is entirely the opposite?

Forgiving and then loving people can sometime be the hardest choice we make ... whilst at the same time the greatest thing we do...

Monday, September 7, 2009

I've seen it all now...

In Cardiff Bay, there is a memorial wall for the character Ianto Jones, who died in Torchwood recently.

Remember, this is a fictional character who died. People are putting up poems, photos, pictures and letters in tribute to someone who doesn't exist.

A bit of fun, you might say - fair enough - but even weirder was the disclaimer that was put up by Mermaid Quay management that had to point out that Ianto was not a real person, and that this has nothing to do with them.

Thanks for clearing that up ... I nearly got really upset ... or something ...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Le Voiture est...

According to my mechanic, who I am on first-name terms with thanks to the saga that is the Ford Farce, all vehicles made by the French are made of cheese. The electrics are terrible, and anything not bolted down just falls off.

I'm inclined to agree with him, although I did own a 13-year old Renault 5 for a couple of years and despite being a jalopy it served me pretty well.

Still, I have no intention of buying any kind of French-flavoured transport in the future. I will, however, aim to dispatch with our current car of woes as soon as possible.