Monday, August 17, 2009

Life is busy ...

... at the moment, what with trying to earn money from my business, keeping tabs on our church homegroup, trying to spend quality time with Wifey and JKY PLUS buying a house.

I'd like to write more of my random ramblings on this here blog but time is a precious commodity at the mo'.

(If you'd like to sponsor my blog so that I can afford to regularly maintain it, any donations would be welcome!).

Current thoughts, Twitter-style:

- Getting paid for a job that is worth about four times as much grrrr!
- Hoping mortgage company won't mind my self-employed status
- My TomTom has returned from TomTom hospital and is working again - hurrah!
- I am eating too much bad stuff at the moment and not exercising enough - bad news
- Why don't talkers realise that they talk too much and why can't they just let other people get a word in edgeways??
- God is good. He is always good. Don't worry - be content and praise the Lord.

There you go. That's my blog subjects covered for the next few weeks.

Let's keep in touch ... I won't be far away, just getting my head down on some work with a few gasps for air along the way.

Bye for now!

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