Thursday, August 6, 2009

France = Bon!

I love France.

Finally, I have accepted the truth.

I couldn't bring myself to accept it ever since I was forced to endure Mrs Deakin's French class in sixth form. If anyone could put you off the wonder of learning a new language, she was the supreme champion. Sorry to say it, Miss, but it's true. You were not the most inspirational of teachers in the world. Now I'm a grown adult with a child of my own, I can say it without fearing her bad-tempered scaldings.

I've been to France a couple of times before, but I only just came to the realisation whilst on holiday last week that I actually like the country. There was something in me that was always holding me back - some deep-rooted disdain towards our gallic cousins and resentment of their croissant-munching, renault-driving, gitane-smoking ways.

But I have finally put all of that to rest.

You see, the French have got it right when it comes to food and drink: you can't truly enjoy grub if it's sub-standard, lacking in passion. They've also got it right when it comes to work/life balance. I know it's probably different in urban areas, but where we stayed (near Cognac) they had a siesta every afternoon and the shops were closed most of Sunday and all day Monday! How great is that?

Can you imagine the Brits working those hours? No - me neither!

So I hope we can do the French 'thing' again sometime, and when we do I will actually try and look forward to it...

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