Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Here - just take all the money I have

The family car has been a source of much grief lately, mainly because the mechanics I have taken it to have not been pretty useless at fixing the problem (that old chestnut 'the intermittent problem').

Firstly, I blame Fraud, er Ford, for my motoring unhappiness because they make cars that are extremely sophisticated machines* thus making it difficult for smaller independent garages to do full diagnostics and repairs at a reasonable price. You see, Ford et al don't like the fact that independent garages charge less money than them. So what they do is withhold diagnostic information about their vehicles. So when Mr Independent shrugs and says he can't diagnose the fault you are forced to go to a dealership and part with the equivalent of a small country's GDP to pay for the repair.

I am angered by the fact that having taken our car to Evans Halshaw, they failed to completely fix my car and charged me an eye-watering £700 for the pleasure. I think they see me as some sap who should help them to pay for their fancy new premises. Do I LOOK filthy rich? If I do, why on earth would I be driving a Ford???

I now have to go to my usual garage (for the third time) and plead with them to fix it once and for all. Oh yeah, and spend more of the money that I don't have.

So ... the moral of the story is to not go to Evans Halshaw.

In case you didn't get that, I said EVANS HALSHAW. Do NOT go there to get your car fixed or for any other reason - you have been warned!!

*OK OK, I know ALL car manufacturers are the same, it's just that this particular vehicle is a Ford. Sometimes I wish I just had a horse and cart.

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