Monday, March 16, 2009

Social networking ruined my life

Recently, I was invited to join Odadeo - a social networking site which has the noble and honourable aim of helping dads to being better parents. It is tempting to sign up ... we all want to be better parents, right?  

However, the one thing that stops me is the thought that instead of spending time on my computer writing about or posting pics of the little darlings I could actually be spending time WITH the little darlings.

Hmm. Also, I'm already signed up to Facebook, so I kind of feel like I'm doing the social networking thing anyway.

As for work, I have recently signed up to the Cultural Enterprise - a pseudo social networking effort for creative types in Wales (I don't know how long I can convince people I'm a 'creative' - probably until someone actually asks to see something I've 'created'). It's a sort of localised 'LinkedIn' (yes, I joined that, too).

I recently heard about Yammer, which is similar to Twitter. I feel pressured to sign up to that, as well. 


I'm all for using tools in order to be more 'connected'  as an individual living in the 21st century, but it is getting to the point where I could realistically spend a solid seven hours a day updating, linking, poking, msn-ing, tweeting and yammmering without actually doing any work...

Is this really progress??

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