Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nuclear Bunker

Following on from my bunker revelation...

Back in the 80s, me and my brothers would wile away many hours digging a big hole in the garden, helpfully preparing our family for the inevitable nuclear attack that would be unleashed by the Russians at some point.

Thinking back, we lacked the grown-up organisational and management skills in order to make it a realistic safe haven from Soviet ICBMs, but for us it was just a cool place to hang out. All we did was dig a big trench, place a large wooden board over the top (which dad probably was using for something far more important) and covered it over with earth. It was a cold, damp and slightly risky place to hang out, but it was our cold, damp and slightly risky place to hang out and it was fun. We even had a little fireplace going at one point, but the project was quickly abandoned when the smoke it generated threatened to choke the lot of us.

With all the modern distractions vying for their attention, I don't think today's kids spend enough time digging holes in the mud, which is a real shame. Getting muddy is one of life's simple pleasures. 

Our nuclear refuge has since been landscaped over, but I hope that maybe one day JKY can experience the same muddy, innocent fun that I had as a sprog. 

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