Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's your takeaway pseudonym?

When I last went to Domino's Pizza, as usual I offered my name after giving my order so they could call me up when the cholesterol-infused discs of dough were ready for collection.

I have decided I need a cool name to give with my order, rather than my own which, frankly, isn't particularly cool. The idea is that when the spotty teenager behind the counter announces my food is ready, fellow grease-munchers will be struck with fear and admiration at my name. I will then stride out of the fast-food establishment in slow-mo like in some kind of John Woo film.

Here are a few examples of what it could be:
- Nighthawk
- Master Blaster
- Locutus
- Dreadlock
- Captain Sinister
- The Rock
- Asbo
- Raptor Man

Of course, I'd probably need an outfit to go with my super new cool name - but perhaps that's going a bit too far...


  1. What an excellent idea! I'm not convinced I'd really want to use any of your examples (although "Captain Sinister" is not bad at all) Maybe I should just use "Dorkomatic" as I do online.

  2. "Pizza for ... [looks at label on box] the Jedi Master?"


    "What name?"
    "The food standards agency."