Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, after all the hype and anticipation I came away from yesterday's latest announcements feeling pretty underwhelmed (as usual).

Nothing surprised or intrigued me, it just felt like business as usual at the Home of Mac. A product everyone expected was launched, a bit of a bump up for laptops came along and there was some talk about OS X. 


The iPhone was a real disappointment for me. Why? Well, mainly because it was the iPhone that should have launched two years ago. Finally, the 3GS does video, MMS support, cut & paste and all that stuff which is fairly essential to a high-performance, luxury product. What it doesn't have is a decent camera (c'mon, THREE megapixels??? My crappy SonyEricsson which I got last year has two and it's worth about ten quid) and reasonable price structure. I'm still waiting to see what O2 announce for the UK, but looking at the AT&T model it's probably going to still be too pricey for an average joe like me. Perhaps that's to be expected from a company like Apple, but not if you look at the iPod. iPods are damn good value and much better than anything else out there (IMHO).

So once again, I choose to walk away and not get involved. I will not be buying an iPhone.

Not yet, anyway.

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