Friday, April 11, 2014

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

When I saw these for sale in Tesco, there was no question that they should be hurriedly purchased and consumed with wild abandon. Two of my favourite items joined together in an unholy alliance of snack food and dessert? YES PLEASE!

As a funny yet interesting aside, when Wifey saw these after they arrived from Tesco Delivery she assumed they were normal Oreos, so just put them in the cupboard. Eek! It was only when I was looking for these beauties to consume a few hours later that I'd discovered their fate. Desperately, I quickly shoved them into the innermost depths of our freezer and whacked on the 'fast freeze' function in the hope that these circular delicacies were not ruined.

Needless to say, the copious amounts of sugar, fats, preservatives and I'd-really-not-rather-know-ingredients were sufficient to sustain these particular Oreos whilst out of their natural environment. Sure, they were a little droopy - but when did any food product ever look like the picture on the box??

So, what did they taste like? Had Oreo overstepped the mark? Was I ever able to buy Oreos again with confidence?


Sometimes, when I try something new I am either disappointed or surprised. The item in question either tastes horribly bland or totally different to what I expect (but in a nice way).

The Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich TASTES EXACTLY HOW I EXPECTED. There were no surprises here. Just yummy Oreo ice cream goodness that did the job.

My only complaint is that they should really be a bit bigger in size, but that's just greedy (and one can always eat two, of course.)

VERDICT:10/10 (wars will one day be fought over these delicious food snacks, I promise you)

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