Sunday, March 16, 2014

A terrifiying vision of Britain

Watch this video if you haven't already, then keep reading.

When I saw this for the first time, I was almost driven to tears and made a donation to Save The Children straight after. Such was a impact it had on me. You may feel differently, of course, which is fine, but it struck a chord with me and has haunted me for days after.

Here's why: what is portrayed in this video is not that far fetched and could very much happen in a 21st century Britain. Conflict continues across the world, which shows that we still haven't learned from the last century, the most violent in all of mankind's history. Why would we be immune on our tiny little island? I cannot help but think of my own children when I see this video, and wonder how they would feel if their comfortable and predictable lives were torn apart by conflict or disaster.

Arguably, Britain is unlikely to experience the kind of disintegration that countries like Syria, Ukraine or Lybia have. Our nation has endured countless wars, attempted invasions and internal strife but ever since the English Civil War way back in the mid-seventeenth century, life in Britain has never been quite as precarious (in my humble, non-historian non-politically-minded opinion).

Saying that, one can never assume that things will always stay the same. In fact, things never do. Change is always round the corner, it just depends how much and how quickly it arrives. Given the evident oppression of the poor and less-well-off by the establishment in this country, I wonder how long things can hold together. All it takes is a large enough groups to cry "Enough is enough!"

I pray that those nations across the world experiencing upheaval would soon know peace and stability, and that the children of those nations would soon return living to a normal childhood: one which is free from danger or distress – where they can play, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

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