Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me...

I've just had my birthday, and even though I was expecting the day to revolve around a personal crisis of self (as I get ever closer to 40), it was thankfully lacking any moments of emotional breakdown.

I attended a registration for a TV & Film extras casting agency in the morning (part of my new grand plan for working life) and then headed into town to Mission Burrito for a rather awesome lunch. I got home to do a bit of work and watch a bit of telly before picking up the kids from the childminder. In the evening we had the next session of our Alpha course (couldn't really bow out of that one, seeing as we've been hosting and everything) but a terrific meal was cooked for me along with a sublime white chocolate mousse cake. Mmmm!

Not the most exciting of birthdays, but pleasant all the same.

Here are my top 5 birthday cards (based on comedy value, mainly – it's not like I didn't appreciate the others). You may have to click on them to see them more clearly:

Cute ... made by my friend's youngest son ... awww

IT - the scourge of modern life

Lady Gaga is presumably always good material for jokes

The most dangerous animal on earth? Maybe ... maybe not

Bring on the cake - yes, lets

A bit of retro fun

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