Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Please stop sharing pictures of your food. It's quite annoying.

I admit that I have done this in the past, but I am a reformed character. I learned the error of my ways and realised what a mistake I'd made.

Once or twice (or maybe more than that, I can't remember), I took pictures of something I was about to eat / drink and posted it onto Facebook or Twitter.

Yes, it's true – and I'm thoroughly ashamed.

I get it now. I understand. It's utterly pointless, especially when it's just a greasy cooked breakfast. Think about it. You're sharing pictures. Of food. That you're about to eat.

Now, if you happened to be eating at a world famous restaurant and the plate that arrives on your table is such an exquisite work of art that you're not sure you could scoff such a masterpiece (food porn, if you will), then fine – it's artistic and I can kind of understand it. But otherwise, a shot of humdrum, regular, ordinary chow is of no interest to me in the slightest. You're not trying when it comes to social networking. You can do better than that, you really can.

The thing is, people don't even bother to make the shot of their grub look interesting. If they'd at least tried some sort of artistic angle, I can almost put up with it, but lobbing an Instagram filter over the top doesn't count.

Unsurprisingly, I'm not the first to notice this:

So please, if you're in the least bit tempted to take a snap of your KFC 'Tower Meal' one Saturday lunchtime and upload it to Twitter – don't. You'll be doing all of us a big favour.


  1. Occasionally, I do take pictures of food. But mostly, I hope they are interesting enough to be worth tweeting or posting to Flickr.

    But I do have more than a few pictures of jelly for some reason. Weird.

  2. That is weird - but weird is OK cos weird is interesting. It's the mundane-ness of food pics that gets to me.