Monday, September 12, 2011

One Woman's War - something I've been involved with at work

My company, Candy Jar Books, launched a new book, called 'One Woman's War' back in July. Written by a World War Two veteran callend Eileen Younghusband, it is a collection of her memories from the war and how she took part in the top secret Filter Room, part of Fighter Command's Radar Defence system.

Eileen is an incredible woman - having just turned 90, she still has all her faculties and is passionate about telling people about the Filter Room. Her role was pivotal in assisting Radar Command during key moments during the war, and she feels it has been largely ignored by historians and the general public alike.

Amazingly, we managed to get her onto BBC Breakfast last week. She did really well and we're really proud of her. See her in action here...

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