Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Thought - Ice Magic

My childhood back in the 80s was peppered with long-forgotten foodstuffs such as Pacers, Top Deck and Smith's Salt n Shake.

Today I had a random flashback about Ice Magic. This amazing chocolate sauce turned hard when poured over ice cream (hence the 'magical' properties - although surely that's just boring old physics at work).

It was a veritable treat back in the day, but can be easily achieved in modern 21st century life by simply melting chocolate in the microwave and pouring over your favourite frozen dessert (we did this today, in fact!). Of course, that's not as 'magical', is it?

I wonder about how many thousands of those curious plastic Ice Magic bottles are hidden deep under a quarter century's worth of landfill?


  1. My dad wouldn't let us buy ice magic because of it's occult name.

    True story *shakes head*

  2. That thought didn't even cross my mind....