Sunday, July 19, 2009

Manly Christian Song Lyrics

Jon has made a couple of funny observations about how most Christian worship songs make you sound gay for Jesus.

I thought I would have a go at rectifying this issue by penning some manly lyrics that would redress this imbalance. I don't have a tune, but if anyone wants to collaborate on a manly Christian music project I would be happy to split the royalties...

Our God Rocks!

Our God is a mighty ruler
Full of strength, truth and awesome power
He can move mountains really easy
His enemies will whimper and cower

Our God Rocks!
Our God Rocks!
He kicks the devils butt
Whilst darning his socks

Our God Rocks!
Our God Rocks!
Those who mess with him
End up on the block

Join the liberation army
And fight the good and noble fight
Roundhouse kick some nasty demons
And do what is decent and right

All men who stand for Jesus
Through God's power we will prevail
Jesus the one and only main dude
He's our mate and and he ain't frail.

OK - this was a bit of fun. Please God, don't smite me....

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