Sunday, April 5, 2009

Band names wot I made up...

I think all band names are either random, pretentious or unimaginative. I guess they have to be, because showbiz encompasses all of those three adjectives. 

So I thought I'd have a go at offering up my own suggestions for names. I have checked them against MySpace, so as far as I know they are totally 100% original (and by the way, since I have written them in this blog, I have automatic copyright and so anyone who wants to use them must pay me £££s in royalties - ha!).

- Waldorf Magnificat (pretentious prog-rock supergroup)
- Mortally Alive (heavy-metal punk)
- Synapse Collisto (indecipherable classical-indie fusion)
- Veep Minson (depressing male vocalist) 
- The Chanderlays (airy fairy folk)
- Weltgrub (german rock / classical combo)

What do you think? Catchy aren't they??

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