Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Too much TV?

When our Freeview box died before Christmas it was time to get a replacement. I found a YouView box which seemed a pretty decent deal: all the terrestrial channels (including HD ones) with a 500GB hard drive for recording programmes. So far, so great.

Not long after we got the box, however, Virgin Media rang up to offer us a TiVo box effectively for free, which included a Sky Cinema package.

Even better. We now had two TV boxes with more TV and movies than you could shake a remote control at.

We did think about returning the YouView box but when we realised we can't get Channel 4's On Demand service on Virgin, we thought we'd keep both and switch between the two as needed.

Our TV choice had suddenly quadrupified, and that was great.

Then we got Netflix.

This is how many remotes we have. From L to R: YouView, TV, Old Freeview, Virgin, DVD Player

We went from having virtually no TV (because, let's be honest - there's not that much to watch on free telly), to virtually limitless programmes and films.

It kinda feels a bit overwhelming.

We have never been big TV watchers. It's not like we spend every evening glued to the box. And now we have the kind of choice that is unheard of ten years ago and it's all a bit scary.

I think our approach will be to take it one series at a time and only once we finish it, decide what to watch next.

Otherwise we might be those kind of people who watch TV and don't do anything else...

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