Monday, February 13, 2017

Oreo Thins!

Oreo have recently launched their 'Thins' in the UK and as soon as I saw they were available, I had to try them, more out of curiosity than out of any huge desire to consume them.

My initial thought was that it seemed a waste. Being thin, there would be less creme and less biscuit compared to any other kind of Oreo. Double Stuff Oreos are amazing because there is a generous helping of yummy creme in each cookie.

Surely you want more of a good thing, not less of it?

Weirdly though ... they work. I like them. What's nice is that, unlike the standard variety, they aren't so brutal on the mouth when you crunch into them. Delicate is probably the most apt description and that makes them easy to scoff.

I can guess why Oreo have made these. I reckon they're aimed at people who want to watch their calories and so if they eat a thin it's like eating half a regular Oreo (whether that actually stacks up I don't know - I haven't checked the KCAL numbers).

Whatever the reason, Thins are a great addition to the expanding of the Oreo line up (and my expanding waistline maybe - ulp!).

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