Monday, June 15, 2015

A bit more s'mores

Having recently posted about the American phenomenon that is 's'mores' elsewhere, I am pleased to report I have images of some s'more bars that I made:

Unfortunately I messed up the butter quantities somehow and put too much in (there's a lot of butter required to make them in the first place), but they were still OK – apart from being a bit oily. I dread to think how much fat was in them.

We also ventured out into the wild to make hot dogs and do proper s'mores, the way they're supposed to be done. Here's our British version:

Two digestive biscuits (chocolate chip digestives no less!), a roasted marshmallow and some Milka chocolate (I guess it should have been Cadbury Dairy Milk to make it authentically British, but I'll do that next time). 

Oh, and here's a scene from Toy Story 2 with a little joke about this unhealthy snack:

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