Thursday, April 2, 2015

So Forty happened...

Back in February I turned forty and I'm still dealing with it.

Thanks to wifey and some friends I was able to brave the occasion without too much trauma. I think the main thing was that I got through it and came out the other side unscathed.

Every now and again I still catch myself contemplating the fact that I am four decades old. It really is weird - I am officially an old person. Not old in the sense of an OAP, but just ... y'know, old.

Anyway, here is a selection of my favourite birthday cards. The problem with being a 'number' birthday is that people tend to go for the number cards - and those don't stand out much (although I am very grateful for them all of course!!!). I did, however, get a few gems which I'd like to share.

This is one of the 'forty' cards that did stand out. Very stylish.

You can't beat a bit of 'I loves the 'diff'.

This is by far the most random and funny. Click here to see it larger.


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